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Guia de Volumenes del Manga de San Seiya   ( Spanish language )
A guide to the manga serie of Saint Seiya
(first time of submission 10/14/1199, time of update 10/14/1199)
Holy Fighter Saint Seiya   ( English language )
What is or who is Saint Seiya?, Who are the Saints?, Who are the other saints?, Some other Definitions, What happened to these saints?, Manga series, TV series, OAV, Movies, Comments and Links.
(first time of submission 03/22/1999, time of update 03/22/1999)
Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco   ( Portuguese language )
You'll find character datas, some general infos, tunes, and more stuff. One of the largest known Portuguese sites.
(first time of submission 01/11/1999, time of update 01/11/1999)
Saint Seiya   ( Japanese language )
Features info and some pictures
(first time of submission 01/04/1999, time of update 01/04/1999)
Saint Seiya Homepage   ( English language )
A vast quantities of information both on the manga and on the anime serie
(first time of submission 11/22/1199, time of update 11/22/1199)
Saint Seiya Page   ( English language )
A large archive of FAQ about Saint Seiya
(first time of submission 03/01/1999, time of update 03/01/1999)
Shun's Santuary   ( Spanish language / English language )
My Saint Seiya page, in english and spanish, with info, images, sound and videos.
(first time of submission 01/21/1999, time of update 01/21/1999)
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