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ASBMA   ( English language )
Contains fanart and original art in manga, anime, american, and traditional
(first time of submission 09/10/1999, time of update 09/10/1999)
macft: Monthly Anime/Comic Fanart Thing   ( English language )
A monthly fanart contest that features comic book characters as well as anime characters.
(first time of submission 08/13/1999, time of update 08/13/1999)
The Lost Gallery   ( English language )
This gallery will be dedicated to that Eternal Lost Boy himself: Ryoga Hibiki. Kawaii.
(first time of submission 05/21/1999, time of update 05/21/1999)
Andrew Huang's Ranma Pages   ( English language )
Lots of Ranma stuff, including character descriptions, silliness, and fanfics.
(first time of submission 11/20/1199, time of update 11/20/1199)
Animation : Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction   ( English language )
An important page with fanfictions
(first time of submission 02/19/1999, time of update 02/19/1999)
Anything Goes Ranma 1/2 Page   ( English language )
Image gallery, anima links, sound archives and fanfics about Ranma
(first time of submission 10/18/1199, time of update 10/18/1199)
Anything-Goes Martial Arts!   ( English language )
Cast, quotes, fanfics and links from Ranma 1/2
(first time of submission 10/13/1199, time of update 10/13/1199)
Best of Ranma Fanfictions Archive   ( English language )
Annual and Monthly Best of Ranma Fanfic Awards
(first time of submission 10/20/1199, time of update 10/20/1199)
Christopher Bair's Anime/Manga Site   ( English language )
Fanfictions about Tenchi Muyo
(first time of submission 10/15/1199, time of update 10/15/1199)
Daigakusei no Ranma / Daigakusei no Ukyou series   ( English language )
The longest running continuation of Takahashi's ''Ranma 1/2'' series and spinoff series.
(first time of submission 10/18/1199, time of update 10/18/1199)
Darkcitadel's Hompage   ( English language )
Just started this web page to show off my favorite Fic's and fic sites. It's pretty bare bones right now but I'll be working on it.
(first time of submission 02/23/1999, time of update 02/23/1999)
Dynasty: A Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction   ( English language )
The Dynasty of the Dragon, the haven of Takamahagara, the cure and curse of Yasakami, and the kids from Nerima…
(first time of submission 03/19/1999, time of update 03/19/1999)
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